The department of architecture was beginning to think about their annual showcase of work when the initial COVID-19 lock down came into effect. As with so many other projects the showcase would either have to be scrapped or moved online. A few different options were considered but in the end the department asked to to develop the website.

By this point there was only about 45 days until the desired launch date so I knew I needed to separate out the different processes involved so that work could be done concurrently. I developed a mechanism for students to submit work to a dedicated email address with an attached PDF form. I chose to use this method as I could issue the instructions to students more quickly and easily than if I had built a dedicated web submission system (existing online systems like Microsoft Forms were not available to the department at this time).

Whilst students were completing their submissions I was developing the site itself using and entity framework alongside a mechanism that would import the submitted PDF files into a MS SQL database.

The 2020 showcase was a great successes with more students displaying work than had every been possible with a physical showcase.  

For the 2021 showcase website I redesigned the whole back end of the website to use the Umbraco 8 CMS. I had to write several extensions for Umbraco to support SSO with Azure AD so that students didn't have to have separate credentials to use the site and to ensure that student's couldn't submit or modify their existing submissions without a member of staff checking the content for suitability.

You can see the 2021 showcase website at