I developed this concept as part of my work for GCU's Pre-production Workshop module. It helped our group understand the opportunities and limitations of using Lightship ARDK's Visual Positioning System (VPS).

The player must walk into the quoting stones garden at the rear of Glasgow Caledonian University. When they get there they will see 4 characters sitting on the stones. Each character comes from Microsoft's Rocketbox asset pack and uses SALSA to animate their lips and eyes. 

As the player approaches a character they will stand and recite one third of Seamus Heaney's Blackberry Picking. The character will then follow walk along a nav mesh to exit the garden avoiding the player. Upon reaching the limits of the garden their shader will cause them to disintegrate. This disintegration was important as I wasn't able to establish a satisfactory AR occlusion mechanism to hide the characters as they leave the space.