I participated in the 2024 Global Game Jam at Glasgow Caledonian University. The theme was 'Make me Laugh'. As a team we took inspiration from Monty Pythons Flying Circus and came up with the idea that we would be make a game where the player must sneak into a secret facility staff by ridiculous clowns to steal the world most hilarious joke. 

To help the player they would be able to use items from their inventory including joke cards, squeaky rubber chickens, and gnashing toy teeth to distract and incapacitate the silly guards. 

This was a really ambitious project to complete in 48 hours, but we did complete a build with all the core mechanics included.

Download game from the Global Game Jam website.

Fraser Connolly Programmer
Jack Drummond  Programmer 
Adon Young Level Designer
Jamie Caldwell Level Designer
Lewis Ford 3D Artist
Nadir Whitelaw 3D Artist
Synty - Prototype Pack
Synty - Gang Warfare