Below is the first test of the targeting system for Identity Reset. The player can enter targeting mode by pressing left on the D-Pad or Q on the keyboard. Once in targeting mode they can repeatedly press that button to cycle through all of the targets starting with those closest to the centre of the screen working outwards. Alternatively the player can use the scroll wheel of the mouse or left/right on the right analogue stick of a controller to move the selection to a target in that direction.

Once an NPC is targeted animation changes so we can see the player character strafe left right and move backwards.

The rings at the feet of the NPCs appear and disappear as they come in and out of targeting range, which is currently 9 meters from the player character. I put this in to help with debugging, I'm not sure if I'll keep it. If I do keep it I think I'll need to fade these in and out.

Thanks to the feedback from the Video Games Glasgow community I have improved the effects for when a target is in range, a blue spot light fade in above the target, and on selection a particle effect from the Korean Traditional Pattern Effect (Unity Asset Store) is triggered.