Games Programming 1 (C++)

Retro Windows Console Games

For games programming 1 at GCU we were each tasked with completing an implementation of Space Invader and another retro game, I choose to implement Paranoid.

Both games had to run alongside the other in a single executable, we were not allowed to use any software libraries beyond the core C++ libraries, and the games had to run in Windows Command Prompt.

The source code can be viewed at on

Dr Bryan Young gave me highest possible mark for this module.

Download the playable games here! 

Windows 11 users, please ensure you use Command Prompt and not Terminal.


Paranoid level design

In Paranoid I implemented blocks that normally take three hits to be destroyed. With each hit there is a random chance of spawning a power up or a trap. Power ups include: increased bat size, increased bat speed, power ball (bricks are instantly destroyed and the ball continues forward), and ball duplication. Power downs include: reduced bat size, and reduced bat speed.

Splash Screen