Artistic Licence

As one of the company’s four senior managers in a small but highly productive end-to-end lighting control engineering company my roles were highly varied and evolved to meet the needs of the business at any given time. From interviewing job applicants, training new staff, supervising interns, representing the company on trade shows and steering high level product design. I delivered several large projects as senior software developer including the development of Artistic Licence’s next generation of DALI lighting control products and supervised the firmware development of the company’s latest, cutting edge generation of Ethernet based control products.

My role included management of the company’s complete production and assembly line, from human resources to; tender, procurement and scheduling the outsource manufacturing of PCBs, product cases and packaging. In addition to this I directed the after sales servicing and repairs, provided second line technical sales advice and on occasion front line customer support and order processing. I also participated heavily in design consultations for new products and carried out on-site programming for clients. Furthermore, I was also responsible for the maintenance and support of the company’s IT infrastructure.

In my first year at Artistic Licence I tested new software releases and reported back where further work was required. I also upgraded the web GUI for their Multi-Play application to support the latest iOS as well introduce new features and fix bugs