Final Project for the Academy of Music and Sound's short course Music and Sound for Games

The game is a cross between a Sci-Fi and a historical fantasy.

The protagonist, Sarah, has a holographic device that allows her to perceive events across time. At dusk she walks around the long-abandoned settlement of her ancestors. As she moves around the village she witnesses events across three moments in time: a prosperous summer when the villagers are in high spirits, farmers tend to their animals, singing can be heard from people’s homes; a time of concern that there could be an raid on the village, villagers are hurrying to construct defences and weapons; and lastly a moment after the attack when the villagers have to abandon their settlement and sail away. As she witnesses an event, she lights one of the village’s torches to signify completion of that area.

The village was once inhabited by:

  • Afton - a young livestock farmer.
  • Keira - Afton's mother
  • Torin - the village leader
  • Ultan - a trader and ship's captain

Below is the playthrough video for the assessment for the Academy of Music's course.

You can download Vigard for Windows here (423Mb).