Vigard Credits

Written, Designed, and Programmed by Fraser Connolly

Game Engine: Unity 2020 by Unity Technologies

Audio Engine: FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd

3D Models

Unity Technologies - Viking Village URP

Synty Studios - Polygon Vikings Pack

Synty Studios - Polygon Adventure Pack

Synty Studios - Samurai Pack

Poly Perfect - Low Poly Animated Animals

Poly Perfect - Poly Universal Pack

Microsoft - Rocketbox Avatar Library


Protofactor Inc - Ultimate Animation Collection


Cafofo - Footsteps Sound Pack

Cafofo - Farm Animal Sounds

Sidearm Studios - Ultimate Sound FX Bundle

John Leonard French - Ultimate Game Music Collection


Unity Technologies - Starter Assets - Third Person Character Controller

The Academy of Music and Sound

Ioannis Panagiotou

Cameron Thomson